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Chick Russell & Company collaborates closely with you to develop a vision and then creates experiences that deliver on that vision. Our process is uniquely suited to developing story-driven solutions and our design philosophy revolves around seven key steps:

Theme Park Exhibition Design
The Wizarding World of Harry Potter
Project Mission & Vision

We begin every project with a thorough understanding of your mission and vision, the bedrock upon which all great projects are built.

Project Audience & Response

Next, we establish a project audience and determine what reaction we want to solicit. This is the key step in successful projects because it ensures that we create experiences that trigger specific behavior.

Research/Concept Development

We never begin creative concept development or brainstorming until audience segments and responses are completely documented and approved by the client.

Design & Approval

Only after all content is agreed upon and documented do we begin design. This is an iterative process in which we collaborate with you toward ever more refined ideas. Mock-ups are created as needed to test key concepts along the way.

Production Management

After our schematic concept design package is approved, we prepare a detailed design development package for production vendor bidding and then oversee the award process.

Test & Adjust

Finally, we oversee the production of all designs to make sure they match intent. We manage “test-and-adjust” of all elements.


And the job is not finished until we do an evaluation to document how all elements measure up to expectations. These seven steps have enabled us to consistently turn out innovative experiences that exceed client expectations.

Theme Park Design Company
Blue Sky Concept Brainstorming Session