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U-505 U-Boat Exhibit

Chicago Museum of Science & Industry / Scope: 35,000 Square Feet, $35M
Immersive Theme Park Attraction Design
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Epic Attraction Design Company
Immersive Attraction Design Company
Immersive Attraction Designer

Relive the Bravery of the Crew that Captured a Nazi Submarine

Chick Russell & Company was retained to write the final detailed visitor experience for this exhibit. We gathered WWII research with the help of museum history curators and naval experts and distilled volumes of technical data into a compelling narrative. This narrative became the basis for all exhibits, interactives, media and interpretive text.
The exhibit allows guests to discover how Allied Forces gathered top-secret information about U-boat locations, how the U.S. Navy hunted U-boats, how heroic U.S. sailors risked their lives to get aboard and capture a sinking U-boat at sea and collect secret code books and two Enigma cypher machines that helped speed the end WWII.


“The U-505 display hasn’t just been refurbished, it’s been re-imagined, with the $35 million upgrade providing the kind of interactive experience you’d expect from a major theme park. Viewing the ship in its new surroundings is like stepping back in time. The sleek vessel is now housed in a massive submarine pen setting that resembles something out of ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark.’ Awe-inspiring is not an overstatement.”

  • White House Commendation Letter
  • 20 Most Influential Exhibit Designs in the World, Society of Environmental Graphic Designers
  • Winner of Thea Award for Outstanding Achievement